Frequently Asked Questions


Is Crossroads part of a denomination?

No. We are an autonomous local church that is self-governing and self-supporting. We are in fellowship with MFI for accountability and relationship.


I’m not sure about God. Am I still welcome?

Absolutely! We have many people from different backgrounds who come to visit Crossroads. You may leave without all your questions being answered, but our hope is that you would be a step closer to having some of them answered.


What theological background does Crossroads have?

We are an evangelical charismatic church that believes the basic tenets of the historic Christian faith.


What kind of relationship does Crossroads have with other churches?

We believe there is one Body of Christ with many expressions as seen in the varied local churches throughout our region. Through our connection with MFI we have fellowship with a variety of churches throughout Canada and other parts of the world.


Money? How’s this place funded? How’s money handled?

At Crossroads you’ll find a bunch of people who have experienced God in a real way. It’s the generosity of these regular people that fuels the life change that takes place here and helps others connect with God. These people give a tithe (ten percent of their earnings) and offerings to what God is doing through Crossroads. There is strict accountability in the handling of all monies, from the counting process through the accounting process. The day to day management falls under the duties of the pastoral staff. A financial report is reviewed monthly by a representative of the board of directors and annually by the entire board. We believe checks and balances are important and we are a registered charity with Revenue Canada.


There seems to be a lot people working on the weekend, are they all paid?

Nope. Most of what you experience around Crossroads happens because of a bunch of incredible people who volunteer their time to serve in a variety of areas including kids ministry, greeting, worship team, hospitality, etc. They’re volunteers and we like to think of it as a Servolution.


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