In recent years there has been a great shift in the expression and sound of our church. CLC has been blessed with great musicians and singers who love to serve by using their talent to lift God’s name in worship and song. Because close to half of our church gatherings are given to worshipping God through songs and vocal praise we feel it is important to have the technology and the expertise to make that time something that our culture can easily relate to and participate in. Crossroads has broken the barrier for first-timers and created a unique and engaging worship time that seems to resonate with most guests.



Crossroads Worship Project

Worship is a strong vision of this house, as Christ followers we believe that one form of touching the heart of God is through song. We are blessed with exceptional singer/songwriters who have the heart & desire to touch our generation through music. Led by our worship & creative director Bryan Vos, we’re constantly writing & recording new material.