Crossroads School of Ministry (CSM) operates as a part-time Bible school at Crossroads Community Church. We offer three courses per semester on a two-semester school year. Fall semester classes take place on Tuesday and Thursday nights from September through early December, with the Spring semester taking place March through May. The mandate of CSM is to provide college level Bible instruction to facilitate the development of local church leaders in a format that is both convenient and affordable. Students have the opportunity to pick from a balanced curriculum that is offered on a rotating basis. The curriculum currently includes the following courses:

  1. Old Testament Survey – An overview of the first 39 books of the Bible.

  2. New Testament Survey – An overview of the 27 books of the New Testament.

  3. Basic Doctrine I and II – the basic biblical doctrines of the church. Very important foundational teaching for every believer.

  4. Evangelism – a review of evangelism principles found in the scriptures and basic evangelism techniques.

  5. Genesis – the book of beginnings; shows where and how major truths are first introduced in the Bible.

  6. Life of Christ – a detailed examination of His life from the gospels.

  7. Covenants – examines the nine divine covenants found in scripture.

  8. Acts – an insightful overview of the actions of the local church found in the book of Acts.

  9. Personal Prayer and Bible Study – keys and methodology for developing these important disciplines to help the believer become spiritually mature.

  10. Holy Spirit – a survey of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

  11. Personal Pastoral Ministry – Understanding basic Biblical principles of personal ministry within the Body of Christ.

  12. Local Church – a great study outlining the importance that God places on the local church.

  13. Leadership I and II – leadership principles and related character-based qualities that godly leaders should understand and possess.

  14. Counseling – practical counseling techniques and principles to equip non-professionals for basic counseling.

  15. Spiritual Gift and ministry development – understanding the gifts and ministries and what the Bible has to say about developing them.

  16. Bible Basics 101 – a fundamental course for those who want to understand how to appreciate, navigate, and use their Bible.

  17. Proverbs I and II – an expository teaching through each chapter of the book of Proverbs.

  18. FORUM – a hands on public speaking class where each night every student is both presenter and critic. Designed to develop the speaking gifts within the local church.

CSM awards a Certificate of Ministry Preparation to students who successfully complete the following:

  • Partnership Track

  • Active in two areas of service at Crossroads

  • Ministry Practicum (individually tailored to each applicant)

  • 15 of the courses offered by CSM



PBC Affiliate Program

Looking for a Bible College education in your local community? Crossroads School of Ministry (CSM) has partnered with Portland Bible College to begin offering PBC courses here at Crossroads. This means you can earn credit toward a PBC degree right now through CSM. And the costs are less than half of what you would pay to attend PBC online. You can enjoy the classroom experience with other Christians dedicated to learning the word of God.

For more information, you can call the church at 519-338-5581 or email us at